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Oh yay, I have just checked in and saw you are posting again. And loving the short random commentary. Aside from the pee hitting you in the leg, I am so sorry to hear that. But it did make me chuckle, and reflect on my own random drunkenness. LOL. Nice to see you blogging again, I may follow your lead. Best!


Ditto to Jen! Good to see you posting again and perhaps I can dust my ownself off and follow suit.

But then again, I've thought that before and it hasn't resulted in much...

Regardless, welcome back! :)


Hi, just found your site and have recently been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, had surgery 2 weeks ago and start chemo in 2 weeks. I think I am still in shock, angry as hell and pretty much feel like I woke up in someone else's nightmare life. I am home from work for 6-8 weeks and after having worked pretty much every day of my adult life am bouncing off the walls, but too tired to do much of anything.

Have you had chemo and what was it like?

Cancer Diseases

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