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that sucks. asshats.

still good to hear your mom is doing well all things considered.


I can't believe that's not illegal. How lame.

a Random Person

This has provoked me to make my second ever comment!

This may be something you've already beaten to death, but on the off chance it isn't:

I don't think it IS legal. I know that my company, when it was downsizing, could not get rid of people who were on leave. And I'm in Canada. So if your mother was on any sort of leave, it's possible that they're required to provide her with a position (not necessarily the same one, but one of similar pay) when she returns.

It's certainly worth looking into, if you haven't. Good luck.

And also: seriously, what a bunch of assholes. That is SERIOUSLY cold.


Wow, that was so obnoxious of them, and so inconsiderate! Seriously. So glad to hear though that your mom is at the end of her treatment and is doing well. Glad to get that update! Hope you are well, I like the new green layout. Missed you


That sucks ass, I'm really sorry for your mom. Talk about stress she doesn't need.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I have that shirt you're wearing. Urban Outfitters? Heh.


Late to the game, but if your Mom needs an attorney, and wants to discuss her options, I know a few labour lawyers. This sounds fishy to me. Even if she can't get her job back, she might be able to get some money out of them.

Email me if you want help.

Martha Mihaly

hmm. there's compassion in action! The upside is that she can focus on her own well being.


I havent posted before, but that IS illegal. It's a lawsuit waiting to be won in my state of Oklahoma. Good luck to her and bless her heart, she didnt need this and neither did you! That is one sorry assed employer.


WTF?!?! God...I am so sorry, I hope that it works out for her. I know that here, we have FMLA for those on medical leave. I don't know about Canada. Hopefully you will take Aurelia up on her offer.


Hope your mom is rebounding from the treatments and getting stronger everyday. The post-chemo-phase is a bitch, but you already know that. It is a weird limbo physical and emotional adjustment. I'm sure it gets even worse when MFers screw you out of a job. Hope you are doing well too. Miss you.


Just checking in and wanted to send words of encouragement your way. Hope all is well.


That is just NASTY. Also live in Canada and doubt that would fly here. You cannot FIRE people because they have cancer. That is just cruel.

Sorry your mom has to go through this on top of all she must be going through right now.


I am on long term disability while I undergo chemo treatments and I was let go, or "laid off" a few months ago. It is legal, if there was other people laid off too. Sounds like they just replaced her and I do think that is wrong. I hope she's doing well.

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