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And you're absolutely right. I happen to be part of a really excellent HMO and have great coverage through my work, but I'm the exception and not the rule in this country, and I don't have a family to cover, which would increase my costs dramatically--and with this abortion thing, Canada is looking better every day.


I am going to respectfully disagree about the "abortion" thing. Partial Birth Abortion is only one option for a woman to end the life within her. The ban was not on late term abortion, it was on this inhumane procedure.

There ARE other options for women whose lives are in danger.

I must agree with you on the rest, though. From all I've read and heard, those north of the border have a better system for healthcare.

Martha Mihaly

Many things are wrong and right with both systems. It's too bad we cannot choose the best of both.


Yes, I've often joked that if the US just spent the same amount of money they do right now, but spread it around differently...life would change a lot. Like less administration, more health?

Thank you for posting this, Louise. The Supreme Court decision drove me nuts as you know. The alternative surgical procedure is not as safe, and frankly would not work for some women. I'd personally rather have a medical professional help me decide than a bunch of elderly judges and lawyers!

Thank God I'm in Canada.

kel al

obviously, you're a complete tool!


I am sure the outcomes are more favorable in Canada because veryone has access to medical care, even if there is a wait. While we have excellent care in the States, not everyone has access. That is what is despicable.

I hope your mom is doing well and that you and your sister are hanging in there. *Hugs*


Thanks for the link. Like your first commenter (?), I had an HMO during my cancer year and the year after. This is my first year with "consumer-driven health care" and it sucks. I am paying more for less. I really hope that with new legislators, health care will be affordable and accessible for all people.

And that Supreme Court decision is enfuriating, but not surprising.

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