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I think we need to come up with a standard scathing response to this idiotic question. Something like, Wow, I didn't know they let illiterates operate such expensive machinery.

I mean, these people have your chart (or, at the very least, your paperwork) which lists previous surgeries. If they just read the damn thing, they'd know. But they rarely do. (I was about to say never, but my newest doctor surprised me by actually reading the many-page form I had filled out.)

I hope all goes well. Keep us posted.


I am always amazed at the idiotic questions the techs ask. I had a nurse pestering me about the benefits of breastfeeding my newborn...yay, I hear that chemo and breastmilk taste good together. Read the f'ing charts, that's all I ask.

BTW, I have been a reader of your blog for a long time now. Never had the courage to comment. How do I introduce myself -- "Hey, I had cancer too, but I have two kids and that must really suck that you may not ever have any, but at least your alive." Ya, that's a nice intro, n'est-ce pas?

I'll stop rambling now.


Interesting comment regarding the pregnancy question. Unfortunately as radiation technologists, we are obliged to ask the "dreaded" question (to anyone 11 years and up). There is no joy in asking that one for us. I wish that the requisitions were more complete and accurate by the doctors so that question would not be an issue. MR forms should have the surgery documented on the screening form. We usually do not see a patient chart. I remember years back as a student asking that question of a patient, whose requisition for a chest x-ray stated: Ovarian Cancer, Post Therapy. I did not know at that time that hysterectomy was part of her treatment. I felt very embarrassed and very sad to find this out from her. She was 18 years old. Perhaps you can ask your doctor to post this information on the Requisition. For my own information, how would you prefer to deal with this question, if it is not listed on the requisition? Also, is there anything that myself and my colleagues can do to help make imaging easier?


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