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Oh I know, this gets on my nerves every time. Usually, I respond with an obnoxious - HMMM do you think? I have no ovaries. But I think next month when I get it, I will cut them off at the pass and just state the obvious. I am glad you had a CT, and am sending you thoughts of clean results. I hate the days of waiting for test results, so I hope you are having a busy lovely thanksgiving weekend (oh wait, you are in Canada- that probably doesn't apply) Well eat lots anyway!


I haven't been keeping up w/ your posts, but I also had a lousy experience when I had my first (only) CT. The lady doing my blood work and such just kept going on about how tragic it was that I couldn't have kids and didn't have any already. WTF is wrong with people?

Cara Fletcher

It's little bit insulting to ask you if you're pregnant when you've had a complete hysterectomy and this is something impossible but this is the work of the technician after all.

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