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Okay. If you are visiting this site and you know who I am, please pay close attention.

1. Please do not bring up in public anything you read here. If you want to discuss something, email me. Bring it up if you want to. I probably will.

2. If you think you've been written about, you are probably right. Take it with a grain of salt.

3. If I am related to you, I would really rather you didn't read this blog (unless you currently live with me). However, I respect your right to do so and I won't (and can't) do anything to stop you. That said, if we share blood, you are not allowed to bring up this blog. Ever. Not even in arguments.

4. If we are currently dating, have previously dated, or may date in the future, keep in mind that I will likely at some point write about you or us or vague relationship-y things in a hypothetical manner which will likely be identifiable to those who know us, me, or you as things which are, in fact, not-hypothetical. I will try not to air grievences on the internets. Much.

5. Hi Adair.

6. Though I sometimes sound depressed or angry or insecure when I write, this isn't a true reflection of how I feel most days. So don't worry about me.

7. Keep in mind that everything written prior to October 2006 was written for an audience of people who did not know me in real life. Hell, they didn't even know my real name.

8. Writing in a forum where you know people who know you are reading is a little like dancing naked in front of the mirror, but the mirror is actually two-way glass and you know there are people on the other side watching you but you pretend you don't know they are there but it makes everything a little more contrived and a little more constrained and a lot more, well, embarassing.

9. Comment. At least once. It's creepy to read without saying something if you actually know me. Also, it will keep me from writing potentially embarassing things about you which would make our next social interaction slightly uncomfortable until we've both had a few or many drinks.

10. For those of you who may find this of interest/use, I moderate a site for cancer patients and caregivers.

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